Enoriest Lore

It is as natural to die as it is to be born,
No matter our Destiny.
Yet, here we have Dread,
Here we know Despair.
We spend time in Disgust,
In a fight for Delight.
But no matter our Desire,
Death is Eternal
Death is the End.

Children are taught of the Gods: the Heartless & the End. The Heartless, the gods who embody our emotions :

  • Destiny
  • Dread
  • Despair
  • Disgust
  • Delight
  • Desire

But even the Heartless fear the End. No matter what you feel, everything must end. We don’t teach children this, but Death is always the End.

Knight Life 101:
The Heartless are timeless and unending. For as long as we live. They shall live. We hold no power over them, but they hold everything we cherish. We won’t lie, the Heartless have a physical form but the Gods have vanished to their lands and nothing special has happened in 30 generations.

Knight Commander Handbook 304:
The Heartless were thought to just be myths until they went to War. This made them real, human almost, except we were like grass to them. It has been almost 800 years since the God Wars ended. Life is back stable. We do our thing. They do theirs. This way – we keep what we cherish.

tl;dr Do not mess with the Gods

Old Stories

Most common folk think the Gods no longer exist. But in old books there are snippets of the Heartless of what they were like:


There is no real emotion in Destiny’s life. No earth bending power in his hands. But Destiny is all knowing. He watches, and he waits for the End. Destiny never fights, he never has to. People have tried to fight him. They’ve bent earth & sea to try and harm him. People tried, but Destiny cannot be harmed. Something always interfered before Destiny got involved.

Surprise & Amaze

Destiny’s envoy and angel, born from his own dream of freedom. His ideas took form in the Fey. An echo of Destiny without the stringent Rules. Surprise & Amaze were born. Destiny never really seems like a problem but don’t ever fuck with Surprise or Amaze.


All your fear and angst is the domain of Dread. Dread embodies and controls any living creatures fear. Dread understands everything that makes your breath quicken and your heart pound. And he knows how to do it over and over again.

More recently, Dread is known for being the most unstable of the lot. Dread thought it was all his constant travel that made him unstable. Dread dreamed a solution. 3 entities to exist solely on Enoriest. He split himself into 4 parts: Shock, Shiver & Shade with a watcher dubbed Alarm.

Shock, Shiver & Shade

The other Heartless had envoys from the beginning. Dread decided not to. These 3 are relatively new on the block. Shock, Shiver & Shade were meant to exist only on Enoriest. When they returned to the Fey they would return to Alarm. But something went wrong, something shook Shock and caused ripples on Shiver & Shade and Alarm. Then they went berserk. Oh boy were we all alarmed then.


You can’t split yourself and expect things to be dandy. Alarm was created as the Sentinel. Alarm knows all the actions of his brothers and where ever they might be. When they return to the Fey they meld together with Alarm building back Dread.


Despair aches. Despair holds you to the ground and you’ll never rise again until he wants you to. The glimmer of light is darker than before. Despair holds the power to control your hope and your drive. He steers into your eyes and you can find or lose that which makes you feel alive.

Despair is the most dull of the Heartless. He doesn’t ever leave his chamber. He does all his work from his black void sphere hidden in the Fey. His envoys, Sorrow and Agony, have been dancing around him since the beginning of time. Even when he sends them to leave they are forever moving in circles around him.


Sorrow moves clockwise around Despair. No one has ever seen Sorrow’s true form without reaching the End. No creature can look into Sorrows eye and not cry.


Agony moves counter-clockwise around Despair. No one has seen Agony’s true form without reaching the End, violently. It hurts to look at Agony. Those plagued by horrific visions are said to have seen Agony.


Disgust is found in the grime of the Fey. Even the Heartless have a distaste of Disgust. Disgust is said to spend most of his time on land in Enoriest. His envoys Scorn and Anger are said to be the mind of Disgust. They watch from the Fey and serve their own justice in the form of a roaming Disgust. Disgust knows what makes your stomach churn. Disgust will make your stomach churn.

Scorn & Anger

Said to embody ice & fire but they never leave the Fey.





Enoriest Lore

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